Commitment to a More Sustainable Future

Ecopol is a sustainability leader


Italian excellence
in the world

Leader in Europe for production capacity

Photovoltaic system
of 12,450 m2 which develop 1,168.52 Kw

Water recycling for the production flow

Our Commitment

We are committed to driving progress toward a more sustainable world. Our mission is to implement a sustainable development model to meet the requirements of the market, while protecting the future for the next generations

Sustainability Objectives

We create biodegradable polymer solutions in state-of-the-art plants designed to have a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. Ecopol is proud to have built a multicultural and inclusive organization committed to the success and wellbeing of its employees.

Diversity, Inclusion & Employee Engagement

Ecopol implements tangible actions for the well-being of its employees, creating benefits inside and outside the workplace, demonstrating a strong commitment to promoting a healthy and rewarding work environment


Ecopol’s water-soluble and biodegradable films are subjected to numerous eco-compatibility tests using international standards, including those published by the OECD, ISO and ASTM. Ecopol powers its plants with self-produced energy from photovoltaic panels as well as energy purchased and certified from other renewable sources. The water used in our production cycle is continuously recycled.


Ecopol operates in absolute compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where it carries out its activities, in accordance with the core values set out in our Code of Ethics.

In line with the commitments outlined in our Code of Ethics, Ecopol has adopted the “MOG” Organizational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 in Italy.



ISO 45001

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

We are part of something big


Ecopol among the 100 most sustainable companies in Italy

20 October, 2023

We at Ecopol have always believed in the power of collective action to foster positive change.
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Master in Sustainable Development and Climate Change

18 October, 2023

Our colleague Silvia Michelucci participated last Friday as a speaker in the “Master in Sustainable Development and Climate Change” held by the University of Pisa.
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Ecopol sponsoring “Pianeta Terra Festival”

18 September, 2023

The widespread awareness about the future of humanity and the preservation of life conditions on our planet.
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