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water-soluble film technology

Ecopol water-soluble
film technology

Ecopol has been founded in 2009 in the heart of Tuscany with the idea of helping the people to safeguard the unique landscape that is surrounding us, and more importantly our wonderful planet.

Our products are used in many different applications, from the household detergents packaging to agrochemicals packaging, passing by the treatment of pool and SPA and many other applications, our idea has been always the same: provide the consumer with a product that is easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly.

Our technology is unique and Ecopol water-soluble film is the solution for your projects. Please share your ideas and projects with us, we will make sure to transform them into reality.

In 2020, our new plant will be ready and Ecopol will have the highest production capacity of PVA film in Europe.

Products Certifications

Ecopol water-soluble film are submitted to several eco-compatibility tests making our film suitable for reduced environmental impact products that can receive the main ecological certifications such as:

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Ecotoxicity test

The Ecotoxicity tests carried out on Ecopol water-soluble films, following the OECD guidelines.

Biodegradability test

The aqueous biodegradability tests follow the standards.

Company Certifications

Ecopol has the following ISO and OHSAS certification. These are high standard certification for Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management and Quality Management.