Organisational Management and Control Model

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Organisational Management and Control Model

In line with the commitments declared and subscribed with the Code of Ethics, Ecopol Spa has adopted the “MOG” Organizational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, which has introduced the principle of administrative liability of companies for certain types of criminal offences.

The contents of the Model adopted are consistent with the provisions of guidelines issued by trade associations in this matter. It is a further step towards rigor, transparency, and sense of responsibility in internal and external relations, as it aims to ensure prevention, as far as possible, of the criminal offences indicated in the Decree, and to strengthen the system of internal control and risk management of Ecopol spa.

A Supervisory Body has been appointed, whose task is to supervise the functioning and observance of the Organizational Model and the Code of Ethics adopted by the Company.

A reporting system is also active, which can be used both by employees and external parties, relating to any non-compliance with the law, internal rules and Code of Ethics, to the Company’s Administrative Liability (Legislative Decree No. 231/01), to fraud and conflicts of interest.

The reporting can be made anonymously or non-anonymously, through the following channels:

Reporting by physical mail:

In writing, by sending an envelope marked “private and confidential” addressed directly to the Supervisory Body (“O.d.V.”) at the address of the Company’s offices: Polo Industriale Sergio Marchionne, 1 – 51013 Chiesina Uzzanese (Pistoia), Italy.

Notification by e-mail:

In writing by e-mail – it is possible also anonymously (as defined below) – to the following address: