Sustainable and Innovative Delivery Systems

Ecopol is a leading global developer and producer of water-soluble films and delivery systems


Enabling a more sustainable future

Ecopol’s biodegradable films and delivery systems enable the world’s leading consumer goods companies to significantly reduce carbon emissions and the usage of water and virgin plastic throughout their supply chains

Commitment to quality and innovation

Ecopol’s water-soluble and biodegradable films serve as critical delivery systems for a range of product applications and end-markets

Certifications obtained by our products

TUV OK biodegradable WATER




Our water-soluble films are used to package active ingredients in solid, liquid and gel forms, enabling safe and precise dosing

Water Transfer Printing

Ecopol films enable vibrant color transfer with low distortion, providing visual appeal across a range of three-dimensional surfaces

Water Treatment and Pool Chemicals

Ecopol’s films safely dissolve in water, enabling consistent dosage delivery while preventing human contact with hazardous chemicals

Ok Biodegradable Water® Certification

Our Hydrolene® polyvinyl alcohol film has been certified by TUV Austria as “OK biodegradable WATER®”: “OK biodegradable WATER” certified products guarantee biodegradation in a natural environment with fresh water and contribute substantially in reducing waste in rivers, lakes or in any natural fresh water.

Other certifications obtained our products


ISO 45001

ISO 14001

ISO 9001