A leading global manufacturer of biodegradable, water-soluble PVOH films and delivery systems

What is PVOH?

  • Meets all regulatory criteria for biodegradability
  • Colorless, odorless, non-toxic specialty material
  • Ecopol’s films are strong and flexible
  • PVOH used in detergent monodoses doesn’t create microplastic

Because of its unique and valuable properties, PVOH can be formulated to be used in many different ways: from medicines to water treatment. Only certain PVOH is designed to fully biodegrade in water.

Ecopol’s films are expertly crafted to fully biodegrade, making them a great choice to enable safe, convenient and effective single dose laundry and dishwashing detergent packets.

PVOH has been studied & used safely for decades. 

In 2023, the U.S. EPA reaffirmed the inclusion of PVOH in the Safer Chemical Ingredient List & Safer Choice Program

Ecopol films have been tested extensively and meet all European & U.S. biodegradability standards


The unique performance characteristics & safety profile of PVOH make it an ideal delivery system for many applications, including:

Healthcare and medical delivery systems
Food & beverage
Sustainable packaging
Home & personal care products
Water treatment

Ecopol's biodegradable PVOH films are widely used in unit-doses laundry and dishwashing detergent products

  • Ecopol transforms raw materials into water-soluble, biodegradable films using proprietary production processes

  • Film is formed into pouches & filled with concentrated detergent ingredients

  • Film completely dissolves in the wash cycle, releasing detergent

  • Our water-soluble films completely dissolve in water, naturally breaking down into water and carbon dioxide when consumed by natural bacterial organisms

  • Ecopol's films do not remain in the environment, contaminate recycling streams or contribute to plastic or microplastic pollution, significantly reducing the environmental impact of detergent products

PVOH can perform in different ways
Our PVOH films for detergent applications are specifically formulated to dissolve and fully biodegrade

PVOH film-based detergent pouches have revolutionized the way we wash clothes and dishes

More sustainable & more convenient compared to traditional liquid and powder detergents

  • Less water to produce
  • Less packaging (no plastic packaging required)
  • Lower weight drives reductions in emissions from shipping
  • Strong performance including in cold water
  • Less energy and emission in shipping
  • No heavy bottles or boxes
  • No spilling
  • Easy to use, pre-measured unit doses
  • No microplastic or plastic pollution

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