Ecopol’s mission is to serve as our customers’ first choice for innovative, high quality, and value added delivery systems, while securing a more sustainable future for our employees, business partners, and communities. Our Code of Ethics outlines the core values that will enable our continued success.


Ecopol is aware that merely applying the laws and complying with regulations is not enough. It is also necessary to hold our organization to a common set of core cultural values, ensuring accountability for all stakeholders.


Ecopol rejects all forms of discrimination and exploitation, promotes equal opportunities in access to employment and supports the inclusion of people regardless of their ethnicity, origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, status, physical ability. Ecopol believes that respecting diversity and promoting inclusion is not only fair but contributes to competitive advantages, creating a workforce better suited to drive long term success.

Honesty and Transparency

In its communications with customers, suppliers, regulatory agencies are other stakeholders, Ecopol ensures that truthful, clear and complete information is provided at all times.

Quality and Technical Excellence

Our mindset of continuous improvement empowers us to invest in the most advanced technologies, quality people, and to nurture truly collaborative relationships with our customers when it comes to researching and developing sustainable delivery systems.

Team spirit

Ecopol favors teamwork and believes that the group is capable of creating greater value, working towards a common goal, helping those in difficulty and valuing the contribution of individuals in a continuous learning process.

Environmental Protection

For Ecopol, environmental protection is an integral part of doing business. The company is committed to safeguarding the environment for future generations, guaranteeing maximum compatibility of the company’s activities with the surrounding area and population. To this end, Ecopol continuously invests in research & development activities in order to adopt the best technologies that safeguard the environment and produce sustainable products.