Ecopol sponsoring “Pianeta Terra Festival”

Sustainability, climate change and ecological transition are topics debated daily in scientific forums around the world and concepts contained both in the planning documents of large international organizations and in those of most national states. The widespread sensitivity regarding the future of humanity and the persistence of living conditions on our Planet has led to the recognition in numerous constitutional documents of the right of new generations to live in the richness of biodiversity and resources of the Planet and to the affirmation of the same rights that Nature possesses within itself and beyond the anthropocentric tradition, which sees it as a mere instrument for the realization of humanity’s needs.

PIANETA TERRA FESTIVAL is an event aimed at all those who want to explore this extraordinary common home of ours and reflect on ways to preserve it and inhabit it in a sustainable way. It is a multidisciplinary event: we will talk about ecosystems, climate, new economic models, energy, agriculture, food, urban development, but also new political, social, philosophical, anthropological and artistic visions.