Household Detergents

Ecopol’s water-soluble and biodegradable PVOH films serve as delivery systems for unit-dose automatic dishwashing and laundry detergents, which enable brands to meaningfully reduce the water impact, plastic packaging usage and overall carbon footprint of their supply chains

Personal Care

Ecopol’s safe, non-toxic delivery systems enable consumer goods companies to offer convenient unit-dose personal care products with more concentrated ingredients, reducing transportation emissions, water impact and the use of rigid plastic packaging

Solid Surface & Engineered Stone

Ecopol’s water-soluble films have been specifically designed to serve as release agents in the production of solid surface materials, engineered stone countertops and other building & construction applications

Concrete Reinforcement Fibers

Ecopol’s water-soluble films are used to wrap and deliver reinforcement fibers for concrete, enabling controlled dosing, improved durability and increased crack resistance, while reducing construction times compared to conventional reinforcement solutions


Our water-soluble films are used to package active ingredients in solid, liquid and gel forms, enabling safe and precise dosing

Water Transfer Printing

Ecopol films enable vibrant color transfer with low distortion, providing visual appeal across a range of three-dimensional surfaces

Water Treatment and Pool Chemicals

Ecopol’s films safely dissolve in water, enabling consistent dosage delivery while preventing human contact with hazardous chemicals

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