13 FEBRUARY 2023
Partner Ferrari

Ecopol announces a new partnership with Scuderia Ferrari F1 and Ferrari Hypercar

Ecopol is a company active in the production of innovative water-soluble and biodegradable films, used mainly in the single-dose household detergents sector, which improve the experience for the end consumer while increasing the sustainability of these products.

Ferrari and Ecopol share the same dedication to high performance and excellence, as well as the commitment to a common goal: the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Mauro Carbone, CEO of Ecopol:

“It is a great honor for me and for Ecopol to start this collaboration with a legendary Italian excellence recognized worldwide like Ferrari. This agreement is an important milestone and celebrates Ecopol’s exponential growth and its rapid international expansion, with the opening of the new production plant in the United States. Ecopol and Ferrari share the same passion for excellence, a strong focus on decarbonisation, and both have global ambitions driven by an Italian heart.”

Ecopol is among the largest global producers of water-soluble and biodegradable films.

The reduction of CO2 emissions and the use of plastic are the main objectives of the innovations promoted by Ecopol. Headquartered in Italy, Ecopol operates through two manufacturing facilities in Tuscany (Italy) and one in Georgia (USA), and employs over 130 people. Ecopol films are mainly used in the household cleaning sector by the main global brands of fast-moving consumer goods, as biodegradable and water-soluble primary packaging for single-dose detergents. Ecopol films are also used in other applications, such as primary packaging of personal care products, cosmetics, production of stone panels and solid surfaces, reinforcing fibers for concrete and water transfer printing. Ecopol films give the final products characteristics of ease of use and biodegradability, allowing a significant reduction in CO2 emissions along the entire production chain. Ecopol is the main European manufacturer and the second in the world in its reference segment and its products are marketed on a global scale.