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Household detergents

Ecopol Water-soluble film solution will bring your dishes and laundry detergents into the new era of water-soluble monodose.

Water-soluble Pods and tablets have changed the consumer experience, they are safer, more convenient and easy to use.

This pre-dosed product allows a perfect utilization of the detergent. Ecopol Water-soluble film solution, is the solution for packaging of concentrated liquid and powder detergents.

Our film can be used on all available fabrications processes, from high speed flow-pack machine and vertical form fill & seal to multi-chambers converters for multi-active dosing and to rotary vacuum forming machines.

Ecopol water-soluble film solution provides environmentally friendly packaging, and is commonly used for European certified product such as Ecocert* and Ecolabel*

household detergents

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