Fondazione Ellen MacArthur

Ecopol has Joined Ellen MacArthur Community

We are pleased to inform that Ecopol has Joined the Ellen MacArthur Community. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works in Education & Training, Business & Government, Insight & Analysis, Systemic Initiatives and Communications to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. As part of the Community we have the access to the platform which is the place to share insights, join events, and learn from other circular economy practitioners.

The transition to a circular economy requires action from stakeholders across the globe, the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation has created a movement to enable thousands of organisations to join together as a community to accelerate the transition, and we are proud to be part of it, to support our transformation in a business based on circular economy.

At Ecopol being sustainable is our way of being.

Ecopol  water-soluble,  biodegradable, sustainable solutions.