Our specialty products are designed for oil and gas down-well maintenance, welding and other operations. With customisable degrees of resistance to different combinations of temperature, pressure and Ph environments, they eliminate many of the issues that arise from the use of conventional metal, collagen and rubber-coated neoprene products.


Well maintenance

Perforation sealers

Used for down-well maintenance and stimulation operations, our Hydrolene® pellets can be injection moulded into any desired shape and size for use as sealers for flow diversion and zonal isolation.

Our Hydrolene® products are water-soluble and biodegradable, which removes the need for costly milling, drill-outs and post-operation scraping; and other risks and costs associated with conventional collagen, metal or rubber-coated neoprene perforation sealers.

Chemical delivery balls

These balls have a hollow centre designed to carry and time release, according to specified requirements, a wide variety of chemical agents at high concentration direct to the target zone.

The advantages include:

  • An increase in the efficiency of the chemical product due to direct placement at the target zone using a time-release mechanism
  • A reduction in the amount of the chemical required
  • A lowering of the required operational time

Once pumped down-well to the target zone, the balls dissolve and the chemicals are



Purge Dams

Currently in the prototype stage, our purge dams are designed to fit in the internal surface of pipe edges during the vacuum/inert gas cycles performed prior to welding operations.

Custom designed to fit the diameter of the specific pipe, after use they disintegrate and dissolve upon purging the pipeline with water.

Another type of purge dam is based on film, cut to size in order to fit the pipe and then attached using our special water-soluble adhesive. Its  flexible properties can help create a balloon behind the weld for back shield needs.




Nanotechnologies for an environmental friendly promotion of the energetic national potential (geothermal resources and hydrocarbons)

    BioGEL project has the aim to increase the use of the Italian geothermal potential, reducing the problems involved with pressure drops of drilling fluids and reservoir scaling caused by minerals by setting up of biodegradable and environmental friendly nanocomposites, and modelling their transport inside the reservoir.

    • Perforation sealers

    • Welding purge dams

    • Chemical delivery balls