We collaborate on confidential projects with our customers to develop solutions tailored to their business.

We offer our technical services and customer support in order to develop biodegradable and hydrosoluble solutions to specific issues, helping to increase efficiency, save time and add value throughout our customers’ processes.

Some examples include:

  • Manufacturing processes, where our pellets are injection moulded into temporary  reversible supports that dissolve when no longer required; for example, to protect small screw plugs, valves in drainage pipes, etc.
  • Construction, where our bags and glues can be used for packaging cement and other materials.
  • Animal husbandry, where our pellets can be blended and injection moulded into hydrosoluble, time-release cattle boluses.
  • 3D printing, where our hydrosoluble filaments are used as structural supports.
  • Embroidery, which uses our film as a hydrosoluble underlay.
  • Sublimation transfer in which our film assists in the ink transfer printing process.